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CCRAV Committee Profiles


Office Bearers:

President: Jane Kibble

Jane’s love for the curly began when she married into the Kibble family, and fell in love with  a big black cuddly curly named "Boof"!!  The Kibbles had owned and bred curlies for many years and when Jane and Clive married, they continued this tradition. Some 30 years ago Curlbrook Kennels came into being and started breeding curlies for show, work and play. Experiencing success in the show ring and enjoying the companionship of these wonderful dogs, curlies have been a part of Jane's life for the last 35 years. Her past experience in various roles for the CCRAV will be helpful in her current role as President. Jane lives with her curly Rhett in the grampians region and often shares a morning coffee with him. Rhett is a well known member of the community and enjoys getting lots of attention on his daily walks around town.

Vice President: Sharon Villiers

Sharon is married to John who is also a committee member. Together they enjoy camping trips with their team of curlies, including trips away to shows. They have bred three litters under their ‘Curlyville’ prefix. Curlyville is located on the Murray River providing an ideal environment for curlies who are known for their love of water. Sharon also keeps busy with her dog grooming business ‘Shampooch’. Sharon has been on committee for over three years and has taken on the Vice President role in recent years.

Treasurer: Sharon Slater

Sharon has been ‘into’ curlies for over 25 years – right from the moment she first laid eyes on one! Sharon has bred under her prefix ‘Kalonakurl’, occasionally competes in shows and Rally-O trials and likes to attend obedience training on Sundays. Her favourite activity is spending time with her five curlies on the property she share’s with partner Peter, near Bendigo. Sharon has been on committee for over three years and has served as President, Vice President and Treasurer in that time.

Secretary: Melinda Naughton

Melinda, her husband James and children Ryan, Aislinn and Niamh live on acreage near Castlemaine and enjoy the company of four curlies. Melinda grew up with a curly being part of her family and her love for the curly is evident with her involvement in Curlbrook Kennels, which she shares with Jane (her mother). Melinda enjoys showing, obedience, agility, raising litters and going on long walks around her property with the curlies, usually ending up at the dam for a swim.


Assistant Secretary/Puppy Inquiry Officer: Alexis Colgan

Alexis came to have her first  curly in 1999. When the litter were 4 weeks old and she met Jane and Clive and held little curly brown Shemp in the palm of her hand. Fast forward 12 years and she again had her hand on her dog as he passed from this world. "He was my dearest companion, strong, funny and loving." Now Alexis and her Husband Trent have Arrow (4 year old black boy). "I was not sure if I could replace Shemp, but Arrow is a completely different creature the sweetest being I have ever met. Kind and a little lazy! Shemp would swim for the happiness of it and Arrow only if necessary! We have endless fun with him.  Curlies are joyful, measured dogs".

Alexis joins the committee after  being a familiar face at fun days over the last few years.


Membership Officer: Brian Durrant

Originally from London, immigrated to Australia in August 1973. He and his wife Lorraine have two children – Kirsty and Mark and live in Ringwood North. Brian is semi-retired and works two days a week as a private IT consultant for Frankston City Council. When deciding on a dog they were looking for a large, dog with a good temperament and wanted an uncommon breed. Curlies fitted the bill exactly. They have owned four curlies and currently live with a rescue curly, "Cheeko". Cheeko and Brian work as a Dog Therapy team and regularly visit a retirement home where the residents love Cheeko. Brian has worked on the club committee for the past two years as Treasurer and this year he has taken up the role of Membership Officer, with the task of setting up a new membership database to better communicate with our members. Brian's other passion is soccer and he is an avid Melbourne Victory, Socceroos and Arsenal (UK) supporter.


Committee Members:


Chantell Van Wunnik

Chantell was initially aware of the breed from a neighbours dog who was a ‘Murray’. She got her first pedigree black curly girl quite a number of years ago and has since owned and loved three further black females including her current elderly rescue dog ‘Maggie". She also now has a young liver girl ‘Irish’ who has fully embraced the idea of ‘fun’ at the two club fun days she has attended. Chantell has also been involved in the show ring and undertaken therapy dog work in the past. She hopes to begin this again. Chantell has been on committee previously and has returned this year after a brief break.


Joanne Foley

Joanne has been involved with curlies for over 25 years and along with Max founded Waterfield Kennels. She has enjoyed success in the show ring and her and Max have hunted with their curlies. Joanne is an active member of the dog world in both stewarding and/or show secretary roles. Joanne lives on the Darling River, so she is often out the back with the curlies, who enjoy taking a leap off the bank and going for a swim. When she is not doing curly things, Joanne is an avid Rower and is off competing.


Michelle Kirk

Michelle's love of Curly Coated Retreivers began in 2002 when I lived in Woodend with a lady who had a Liver coloured Curlie called Bonnie. I currently have a Labradoodle named Isaak who I do Pet Thearpy with at the Royal Children's Hospital in Melbourne once a month. We have been volunteering at RCH for 5 years now and we both love it! I have a Norfolk Terrier called Mia, a Blue Point Birman called Keisha who is nearly 14 and a Chocolate Point Ragdoll called Flynn who is 16 months old. I love animals and can't wait for the day when I get my first Curlie. I joined the Curly Coated Retreiver committee this year and throughly enjoy the fun events and activities that I take part in.



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Melinda Naughton
Taradale, VIC, Australia
Phone : 0401 138 905
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